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dr. Peter Korevaar is involved in a number of MSc and BSc level courses at Radboud University in the program of Molecular Sciences.

Systems Chemistry 2 – MOL416 – MSc level – 3 EC

  • Introduction to fundamental concepts of Systems Chemistry 

  • Multicomponent self-assembly systems:
    coupled equilibria multiple guests/host | supramolecular polymers | how coupled equilibria affect each other

  • Dynamics of molecular self-assembly – kinetic effects
    kinetics | competition between assembly pathways | metastable self-assemblies | non-covalent synthesis.

  • Out-of-equilibrium self-assembly
    chemical reaction control self-assembly | microtubule

  • Chemical reaction networks
    bistability | oscillations

  • Pattern formation
    reaction-diffusion | other physico-chemical effects   

  • Complex systems emerging at larger length scales
    Depletion induced self-assembly | DNA nanotechnology

Physical Organic Chemistry 2 MOL171 BSc level 3 EC

together with prof. Wilhelm Huck and dr. Evan Spruijt

Polymer Chemistry 1 – SM019A  MSc / MOL177  BSc  3 EC

together with prof. Daniela Wilson and dr. Kevin Neumann

Polymer Chemistry 2 MOL422  MSc  3 EC

together with prof. Daniela Wilson and dr. Kevin Neumann

Molecular Sciences Lab  MOL140  BSc 3 EC

together with dr. Evan Spruijt, dr. Tom Bloemberg and Luuk van Summeren MSc


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